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Earned Value Management

 Compliance Plans

 System Descriptions


 Software Development

 Network Administration



Project Management



 Project Controls

 CPM Scheduling

 Budget Development

 Change Control

 Cost Estimating

 Performance Reporting

 Risk Management

 Funds Management

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 Invoice Review


Construction Management

 Review design documents

 Facility assessments

 value engineering

 constructability reviews

 Inspections and project


Cost Proposal Development

 Cost Volume Lead

 Cost Volume Support

 Rate Development

 Request for Equitable Adjustment

 Terms† & Conditions


System Engineering

 Systems Life Cycle

 System Design

 Research, Development, Implementation

 Systems Documentation



Matrix personnel are trained and experienced in the theory and application of systems engineering principles to the research, development, and implementation of command, control, and environmental systems.† Matrix is especially skilled in the identification, analysis, and management of requirements, including the resolution of conflicting requirements of various system stakeholders.† They ensure requirements are documented, actionable, measurable, testable, and defined to a level of detail sufficient for system design.†


Matrix personnel are experienced in the allocation of requirements to functions, functional analysis, and system design.† They have prepared systems engineering documentation such as the systems engineering management plan, which describes how systems engineering principles will be applied throughout system development and testing.†


A particular strength of Matrix is the identification, analysis, and management of risks during the design and development phases of a systemís life-cycle.† A key component of their rigorous risk management program is the identification of risk mitigation strategies that reduce the likelihood of undesired events and the consequences, should they occur.†