Capabilities (Continued)



The Project Management System provides staff with the tools needed to plan, organize, manage, and control projects to meet a specific customer's objective within schedule and budgetary constraints. The Project Management System

consists of the following functions or services:


· Project management requirements, procedures, and documentation

· Project manager education and training

· Project management electronic planning tools.

· Standards are maintained to ensure project managers:

· Manage assigned projects to a plan that appropriately documents deliverables, budget, schedule, management methods, organization, and control systems

· Complete the project scope on time and within budget

· Manage risks and hazards

· Ensure client satisfaction.


In addition to the functions and services provided by the Project Management System, Matrix also has personnel dedicated to providing project controls support. Matrix personnel provide project management support in the areas of planning, scheduling, estimating, performance measurement and baseline control.  Matrix personnel also have experience in developing and implementing industry standard project controls systems on large/complex Department of Energy and Department of Homeland Security projects with lifecycle costs in excess of $1B.  This group has experience in implementing project management systems which comply with DOE Order 413.3, Program and Project Management for the Acquisition of Capital Assets, and with the Earned Value Management System Standard ANSI/EIA-748-A.


The Project Controls Group function at Matrix is responsible for providing support to the large/complex projects in the areas of:


· Planning;

· Baseline development and maintenance;

· Plan and procedure development and implementation;

· Associated project management and project controls training;

· Work scope, schedule, and cost monitoring;

· Progress reporting, and monitoring project deliverables to ensure they are completed on time and within budget

· Cost estimating;

· Risk management;

· Funds management;

· Contract administration; and

· Invoice review

Phone: 1-509-430-8094


Earned Value Management

· Compliance Plans

· System Descriptions

· Procedures

· Software Development

· Network Administration

· Training


Project Management

· Reviews/Assessments

· Training

· Project Controls

· CPM Scheduling

· Budget Development

· Change Control

· Cost Estimating

· Performance Reporting

· Risk Management

· Funds Management

· Contract Administration

· Invoice Review


Construction Management

· Review design documents

· Facility assessments

· value engineering

· constructability reviews

· Inspections and project


Cost Proposal Development

· Cost Volume Lead

· Cost Volume Support

· Rate Development

· Request for Equitable Adjustment

· Terms  & Conditions


System Engineering

· Systems Life Cycle

· System Design

· Research, Development, Implementation

· Systems Documentation