Matrix Consulting Inc. personnel have certified systems and assisted DCMA with certifying companies.  We are well-versed and have a proven track record of developing and deploying Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) that your organization needs and requires to fulfill its goals and objectives. This includes system description, compliance plans, procedure, software development, follow-up training, and performance reporting for various aspects of EVMS.


Earned Value Management Systems consists of an integrated set of policies, procedures, and practices to support program and project management as a decision enhancing tool and a critical component of risk management. An EVMS effectively integrates a project’s work scope, cost, and schedule into a single performance measurement baseline. As well as reliably tracking planned value of work to be performed or the budgeted cost for work scheduled, earned value of actual work performed or the budgeted cost for work performed, and actual cost of work performed.  EVMS also provides performance measures against the performance measurement baseline and also provides means of identifying, reviewing, approving, and incorporating changes to the performance measurement baseline.  In addition, EVMS also provides a trend analysis and evaluation of estimated cost at completion and provides a sound basis for problem identification, corrective actions, and management re-planning.


The essence of Earned Value Management is that at some level of detail appropriate for the degree of technical, schedule, and cost risk or uncertainty associated with the program, a target planned value (i.e., budget) is established for each scheduled element of work. As these elements of work are completed, their target planned values are “earned”. As such, work progress is quantified and the earned value becomes a metric against which to measure both what was spent to perform the work and what was scheduled to have been accomplished.



Matrix personnel are experienced in developing and running Project Management Systems to define project management requirements and to support the execution of project lifecycle process by providing applicable project management techniques and tools for meeting established project goals in terms of  technical scope, schedule, budget, and management of business risks.



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Earned Value Management

· Compliance Plans

· System Descriptions

· Procedures

· Software Development

· Network Administration

· Training


Project Management

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· Training

· Project Controls

· CPM Scheduling

· Budget Development

· Change Control

· Cost Estimating

· Performance Reporting

· Risk Management

· Funds Management

· Contract Administration

· Invoice Review


Construction Management

· Review design documents

· Facility assessments

· value engineering

· constructability reviews

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Cost Proposal Development

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System Engineering

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